Drain cleaning keeps your Victoria home dry and comfortable

You see it every year. Victoria street corners flooded knee-deep with water after a torrential downpour. In fall and winter, these storms happen frequently, sending thousands of gallons of water down the street drain every hour. If that drain happens to be blocked with leaves or other debris, the water can quickly back up, flooding the street and everything else around it.

Your home drainage system is no different. The drain tile (also called a perimeter drain or weeping tile) that surrounds your home is designed to direct water away from your foundation. But after a decade or two, your drain tile can shift or break, due to natural occurring ground movement, sediment buildup, or tree root infiltration. That means that during the next downpour, the water that flows into your perimeter drain has nowhere to go but against your foundation, which can eventually lead to cracks, leaks, water backups and basement flooding.

Regular drain inspection and cleaning is the easiest and most affordable preventative action you can take to protect your home from flooding and water damage. If you have a damp basement, musty smells, or efflorescence (chalky deposits) on your interior basement walls, have your drains inspected by a Raintek water drainage professional now before a heavy rain occurs. Even if you don't have any symptoms, insurance authorities often require you have your drains checked and cleaned every few years, particularly if your home is built with prior to 1970.

Raintek is an expert at diagnosing drainage problems in and around your Victoria home. Our trained technicians use a video camera to inspect your drains for potential issues - which we encourage you to watch on the screen as it happens. If we spot any problems, we can usually unblock the drain quickly using a hydro-jet high pressure spray system or a drain snake to flush or clean away roots, mud and debris.

Take a look at a recent drain system inspection video:

No guesswork
Camera inspection of your drain lines removes the guesswork and puts you in the driver's seat. You see exactly where and what the problems are, giving you full control over the options in front of you.

Repairs on your timetable
If you have a flooding emergency, cleaning can be a temporary solution that allows you to do a replacement or repair at a more convenient time.

Avoid unnecessary costs
Replacement of drainage or sewer lines is a significant investment. In some cases, cleaning may resolve the problem, saving you thousands.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with us to book an onsite evaluation and quote.

The best time to call us is when you need to:

  • Inspect and diagnose perimeter drain quality before a home purchase
  • Quickly clear drainage clogs during an emergency
  • Conduct spot repairs on misaligned weeping tiles
  • Assess sump pump pits, sewer and storm drains before the rainy seasons
  • Evaluate basement foundation and slab condition before investing in a renovations